XRail Wetsuit Hanger

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XRail Wetsuit hanger or wetgear hanger by Exit

Looking for an alternative to a traditional wetsuit hanger?

XRail Wetsuit Hanger by EXIT, the secret to making your wetsuit, hood, gloves and boots last longer.

The XRail Wetsuit Hanger is a revolutionary new tool that eliminates the strain traditional hangers put on the neck and shoulders of a wetsuit when drying. So new wetsuits stay feeling new and old wetsuits keep kicking.

Don’t stretch your wetsuit.

Hang it with XRail and dry it right.

Extending the lifespan of your wetsuit, hood, gloves and boots is as easy as hanging them with the XRail Wetgear Hanger.

Good quality wetsuits are expensive, so why use conventional hangers that stretch and damage them? With XRail you can now give your wetsuit the level of care it deserves. Ensuring new wetsuits continue to feel new and older wetsuits can get you through a couple more seasons.

This way you keep enjoying the watersports and activities you’re passionate about, while reducing the frequency at which you need to purchase a new wetsuit, saving you money in the process.

XRail Wetsuit hanger or wetgear hanger by Exit

Infinitely better than a hanger…

a worthwhile investment!

Affix it almost anywhere

Lightweight with minimalist features, you can attach XRail to your shower pole, to a wall or a frame without taking up valuable space in your home, garage, shed or on your boat.

Longer lasting wetsuits guaranteed

By draping your wetsuit over XRail at the waist, it can be rinsed and left to dry without stressing the shoulders and neck area. Protecting your new suit from leakage and maintaining the shape of your old one.

Affordable and effective

A conventional wetsuit hanger is little more than a glorified clothes hanger.
XRail on the other hand can do everything a hanger can do, but better. Making it easy on your wetsuit and your wallet.

Easily holds all your gear

XRail’s plastic construction makes it strong enough to support 5kg worth of wetsuits (any size), hoods, gloves and boots at the same time. For when you want all of your gear dried quickly and evenly on a hanger that won’t snap.

Who can benefit from using the XRail Wetsuit Hanger?

XRail is for anyone engaged in watersports or water activities who wants to preserve the quality of their wetsuits and wetgear and is tired of traditional hangers. This includes:

  • Kitesurfers
  • Wakeboarders
  • Triathletes
  • Surfers
  • Recreational divers
  • Windsurfers
  • Open water swimmers
  • Canoeists
  • Stand Up Paddleboarders
  • Kayakers
  • Water photographers
  • Commercial divers

This also extends to business owners and organisations such as dive charters and lifeguards who require multiple wetsuits and wetsuit accessories for their operations.

XRail Wetsuit hanger wetgear hanger by Exit
XRail Wetsuit hanger or wetgear hanger by Exit

XRail Wetgear Hanger

Dry your wetsuit with zero stretching – Get XRail today

29.90Add to cart